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KOLARS is a band of two members. 

Rob Kolar sings and strums his rollicking guitar, Lauren Brown uses her whole body as a percussive instrument.  

KOLARS has created a sonic world that straddles self-described genres such as Desert Disco, R&Beyond, Space Blues, and Glam-a-billy . Rob produces, mixes, and writes the material.  His studio experimentation is incorporated into the live show. Lauren has invented her own drumming style. She tap dances rhythms with her feet atop a bass drum while simultaneously playing a stand-up kit. She uses this dance to transform beats into natural extensions of her movement. The two perform with energy, sweat, and excitement, thrilling audiences with their unabashed exuberance.  


HUFFINGTON POST: "instantly fell in love with their tantalizing sonics, and their energetic, apocalyptic marvel

CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND:  "Takes your heart by the hand and leads you to the dance floor, daring you to not feel motivated to dance, shimmy, just escape the mundane."

TEAM COCO (CONAN O'BRIEN): "Out of this world."

DENVER POST:  "KOLARS has a knack for buffing your weathered perspective to a glinting sheen.  The world isn’t on fire; it’s glowing."

GRIMY GOODS:  "IT'S A MUST LISTEN. Both upbeat, and soft and sultry when it needs to be.  You can’t help but let yourself get lost in Rob’s croons and bewitching words."

BANDSINTOWN:  "KOLARS is a highly experimental duo committed to creating a new sound that will thrill audiences all over the world"  

THE BOTTOM LINE: "The dynamic duo is eclectic in every sense of the word.  And with a musical style ranging from 'Desert Disco' to 'Space Blues' (which is just as entertaining as it sounds), there was never a dull moment on stage."

PASTE MAGAZINE:  "KOLARS play their unique blend of 70s glam rock, 90s grunge and twangy country with every inch of their body."

LEMONADE MAGAZINE:  "Their chemistry on every track of the album is sublimely in-sync. The more you listen to the album, the better it becomes. It is addictive."

BUZZBANDS:  "KOLARS sets the imagination a’sizzling. Rob Kolar, with his rocker swagger, and Lauren Brown, licking her lips as she uses her whole body to tap and smack out the beats."

TORONTO STAR: "Rob is a pompadoured guitar pro with a throaty voice.   Lauren provides potent accessorizing to his rockabilly-punk styling, hammering away on a cocktail drum kit while tap-dancing on a customized bass drum."

FEST FIFTY:  "With gumption and undeniably well-written songs, KOLARS has burrowed through the consciousness of their hometown and beyond, paving a road of lullaby disco anthems wriggling their way across the Mason Dixon."


As members of glam-folk band He's My Brother She's My Sister, Rob and Lauren toured the U.S. and Europe extensively and sold out venues in every major city across the states, playing Bonnaroo, Summerfest, Voodoo, Firefly, Secret Garden Party, and Austin City Limits, and performed on late night television (Craig Ferguson). 

The band has taken their influences and experiences into a new futuristic realm with KOLARS.